Woodallgarden (WAG) is a company that operates for years strictly respecting the highest social and ethical principles of respect for all actors who contribute in carrying out its business. From workers who collaborate in its production organization to final customers who take advantage of the use of its products.

Woodallgarden (WAG) has not and will not give in to the sirens of international investment funds, which are constantly looking for Italian excellence on which to invest to maximize their profits, at the expense of workers, the quality of products and a correct distribution policy.
Those who work in Woodallgarden (WAG) live in the company as at home, engaging in their work with the attention and passion of those who know that the success of Woodallgarden (WAG) is their own success, that the future they contribute to build with Woodallgarden (WAG) it’s their own future and their children’s future.
Following the same philosophy of collaboration, respect, transparency and reliability, Woodallgarden (WAG) protects the relationship with its dealers where the strategies of many competitors identify ambiguity as a factor of hypothetical success in the relationship with its sales network (too often they accept and promote direct sales to private individuals by skipping their dealer on the territory).

Last but not least, Woodallgarden (WAG) recognizes in its territory of election, the national one, a small social contribution to those non-governmental organizations that help weaker people, to the rate of a significant share of its corporate profit and a promotion of the activities of ONG involved through the respective links on the site.