Mioclimatica MARIPOSA

Woodallgarden (WAG) presents its bioclimatic pergola called Mioclimatica MARIPOSA.

Why Mioclimatica?
Because it is the only bioclimatic pergola made exactly for the customer, without compromising on shapes, sizes, finishes or colors.

It is the realization of Woodallgarden (WAG)’s philosophy that puts man at the center of its production: therefore not the man who adapts his choices to the existing products on the market but the products that conform to the choices of man. So even the bioclimatic pergola Mariposa adapts to this corporate philosophy, transforming itself from a common bioclimatic pergola to the Mioclimatica of each customer.

Mariposa therefore represents the evolution of bioclimatic systems realized until today.

Completely made of aluminum (zero maintenance) with adjustable blades of two sizes, 16 cm and 19 cm, consists of a sturdy frame that houses a system of aluminum blades adjustable and controllable with home automation systems as well as with a simple manual winch. Absolutely waterproof, allows you to modulate at will the temperature, brightness and ventilation, giving it that added value that allows the use both on rainy days and under the hot summer sun.
These features, increasing the energy efficiency, allow this type of cover to take advantage of a tax advantage equal to 50% of the cost.

Available with support structure of various shapes and sizes, even irregular, can be made freestanding, wall-mounted, only roof support and, further news, adaptable even to existing structures.

Available in all ral colors, it is also available in wood effect and two-tone finishes.

The characteristics of Mariposa are completed by snow resistance, which can be adjusted according to climatic needs up to very high loads, and the wind resistance class 6, the maximum attainable in the sector..

High thickness aluminum, mechanical and electronic components tested for years, ensure a significantly longer life than the best products in the sector.