Our Company Philosophy
Our company was born from an idea: to offer superior quality products to live outdoors respecting nature. To do this we decided to use the only material resistant, ecological, 100% recyclable, existing in nature: aluminum.
Our corporate philosophy, our lifestyle, obliges us to take care of customer’s satisfaction from the first stages of product design to never end, ensuring the after-sales assistance for the entire duration of the guarantee that we issue, practically for life.
Our goal is to spread the awareness that the customer must be at the center of the companies, working for his most carefree tranquility: tranquility in seeking solutions to their needs knowing that these are there, tranquility in buying, tranquility in living the experience with the products, tranquility in enjoying them without limits, tranquility in discovering that they are ethically correct products.

Our ambition is to contribute to a better world.

Absolute innovation.
Creativity and absolute innovation in the field of pergolas, garden furniture and covers in general: this means Woodallgarden (WAG), a European leader in the production of aluminum products.
Woodallgarden (WAG) is the ideal partner for the demanding customer who does not compromise in the choice of quality and reliability products, lasting over time. A success achieved thanks to the synergies developed in partnership with specialists in the field and the use of advanced technologies covered by patent.

Maintenance Zero!
The materials used, the technology applied, the quality of the mechanical and electronic components, ensure an unparalleled durability, such that it can be configured without maintenance.
The only maintenance required is the periodic cleaning of moving parts (not more than once in a year) with simple water. .
No intervention of specialized technicians is ever required!

The technology of aluminum combined with the tradition of wood: the aluminum wood effect.
The exclusive production process and the versatility of the patented system allow to recreate on aluminum bars and plates the most requested and refined wood essences. Those who choose Woodallgarden (WAG) choose the elegance and style of a treatment that is applied in the design of outdoor structures for gardens and in all those contexts where the aesthetic qualities of wood meet the technological properties of aluminum. The result thus obtained allows to maintain unchanged over time the aesthetic characteristics of Woodallgarden products (WAG), thanks to the incredible mechanical strength of the aluminum of high thickness used and the extraordinary surface finish, resistant to any atmospheric or chemical-physical agent. The absolutely surprising result translates into cancellation of maintenance costs and an incredible quality / price ratio.

Respect for nature.
The exclusive Woodallgarden system (WAG) uses non-toxic products in its production process, thus protecting the environmental and landscape balance. The raw material, aluminum, allows the saving of wood, normally used for these structures, limiting the age-old problem of deforestation. The wood-effect aluminum, moreover, is one of the very few truly ecological materials because it is 100% recyclable, eliminating the problem of waste production.

Guarantee for life!
Woodallgarden products (WAG), entirely made of primary quality aluminum, suitable thicknesses and painted using the most modern technologies, are scratch-resistant, shock-resistant, weather-proof, even from the most extreme phenomena, resistant to smog, to sea salt, to the UV rays.
The mechanical and electronic components have been tested for years and guarantee a significantly longer life than the best products in the sector.