The social, cultural, economic and environmental development cannot be separated from a focus on the city, on the house, on the external housing areas, on their sustainable development in the near future: for this is fundamental the role that the architect has, to indicate the direction to take, to dictate the aesthetic and functional canons.

Beauty, therefore, not only as a asset that from individual becomes collective, but also as a decisive factor for social development and stimulus for the economy, an instrument of competitiveness by which giving centrality of the quality of the project, either public or private. The Davos Declaration, signed in February 2018 by Culture Ministers from all over the world, affirmed the importance of a quality project, precisely because all the activities on the environment and buildings have direct consequences on the well-being, on social cohesion, on the integration of individuals; in short, they determine the quality of life.

The house is a cell of the collective fabric that are the cities and the environment in which we live, and it is therefore essential to design houses, offices, open spaces to make them more livable for all individuals, thinking of collective well-being, health, quality and safety of outdoor spaces.

This is why the customer identify the designer in the figure indispensable to redesign the territory and to outline a vision of the city of the future attentive to people and their well-being, therefore the creator of those houses and those outdoor spaces able to best satisfy individual and collective needs. To the designer is then assigned an important social role, erecting it as the author of a better future way of living and, therefore, of an increased quality of life.

This includes a company like Woodallgarden (WAG), always attentive to the needs of the environment and the individual, creator of products for furnishing of outdoor spaces, architectural complements such as pergolas and bioclimatic covers, grids, planters, absolutely referable to that concept of design and beauty that has always been the heritage of Italian architects.

Indispensable partner of that creativity that marks by the Italian design excellence, the range of Woodallgarden (WAG) products strongly respects the individual component that makes each architect a unique artist who transforms an industrial product into a unique creature, sewn on his own project, sometimes unrepeatable in its perfection.
Design competence, applied technology, mechanical strength, functionality, quality of materials, processes and achievements, as well as the main certifications, ensure the architect designer an exclusive handmade article, sometimes artisanal, but with the broadest/widest guarantees of quality and durability.


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