Woodall - Soluzioni in alluminio effetto legno

Woodall ® Garden metal structures look unexpectedly very like classic wood materials employed up to now. Even the most typical details, such as the knots of wood, are accurately reproduced. The very realistic and impressive result is achieved thanks to the use of qualitatively certified powder paints and of sophisticated coating plants.


Woodall ® Garden metal structures make use of the powder coating patented system accurately reproducing wood effect on iron materials, particularly on aluminium and iron handmade articles of any size and shape.
Woodall ® Garden offers unprecedented guarantees of quality, shown by the striking results obtained not only after the lab tests it regularly undergoes, but also by the extraordinary outcomes yielded in the field.
Woodall ® Garden remains fast in time.


Woodall ® allows to paint items of any size and shape and to obtain the greatest accuracy in the reproduction of natural essences. This versatility let engineers, architects and planners satisfy their most sophisticated requirements, as they constantly look for avant-garde products and work in an extremely competitive and active market.
Woodall ® profiles are shock resistant, weather and UV ray proof, versatile and washable and they respect nature without renouncing the elegance and warmth of wood.
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